Zeta Phi Chapter History

On the night of October 9th, 1970 a group of approximately twenty-five to thirty-five male freshmen and one male junior UF student got together with five members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity to discuss the possibilities of securing a charter in the near future. Sam Grant and Dr. E. A. Cosby informed the young men that a task such as this would not appear over-night. They continued by making known to the interested men that they should start some type of organization to make preparations for the day when Kappa Men would walk the campus of the University of Florida in brave numbers. Following this, an organization was established for this purpose. The elected President was Kip Smith, Vice-President – Bernard C. Cohen, Secretary – Skitch Holland, Treasurer – Earnest Smith, and Clarence Martin was Sergeant of Arms.

Thus began the long road to Kappadom at the University of Florida. Following this the University of Florida issued a temporary charter to colonize. Due to racial disturbances in the spring of 1971, interest in starting a chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi was temporarily discontinued. However, the seed had already been sowed, and their interest was not to go down in vain. On January 9, 1972 the interested group was re-established. At the first meeting new officers were elected. The officers were as follows: Bernard C. Cohen – President, Clarence Martin – Vice-President, Skitch Holland – Secretary, Earnest Smith – Parliamentarian, Samuel Wright – Treasurer, and Norman Cushon – Reporter.

On the following day another meeting was held for those men who had the foresight to catch a rising star. The name Mu Iota Kappa was suggested by Norman Cushon to be the name of our interest group. The name meant Men Interested in Kappa, and was accepted unanimously by the body. During the following days, six additional young men were joined by the way of the Carnegie program. On April 1 1972, members of the Gainesville Alumni Chapter attended the meeting of Men Interested in Membership in Kappa (Mu Iota Kappa) to discuss the possibilities of a pledge program to start in the near future

On April 7, 1972, Province Polemarch C. O. Lott came to the University of Florida Campus. He and the President of Mu Iota Kappa, Bernard C. Cohen along with Sam Grant of Gainesville Alumni met at the newly founded Institute of Black Culture to discuss pledge-ship. President Cohen received permission to start pledge-ship as of that date. On Wednesday April 12, 1972, the Scrollers Club was formally established; ceremonies were performed by brothers from the Gainesville Alumni Chapter. Thus began the pledge-ship of twenty-five scrollers on the sCampus of the University of Florida.